PDO rice "Riso di Baraggia biellese e vercellese"

The first and only PDO rice in Italy.

We live and cultivate rice in Baraggia Biella, a rice production area located in the northeast of Piedmont, at the foot of Monte Rosa (Alps). Here the climate is characterized by rather cool summer months and by the presence of cold waters, our rice fields are the first to be irrigated by mountain springs. For these features and for the care with which we at Rice Guerrini will cultivate it, the Baraggia Rice has a greater resilience to cooking, superior consistency and low stickiness.
The slow craftsmanship of our Pileria also tends to whiten less grain, not to polish it, thus increasing the taste and resistance to pulping.
For this reason some rice grown in this area can be certified with the Protected Designation of Origin "Rice Baraggia Biella and Vercelli".
Want to know more on the territory of the Baraggia, maybe come and see it? Find out now here!

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