Sant'Andrea rice, mister arancino.

Much starch for soups and creamy risotto.

DESCRIPTION: The Sant'Andrea rice is undoubtedly a less known than the other rice Carnaroli and Arborio, but because of its excellent price-quality ratio is a rice which is much appreciated. It has features like a medium grain (neither big nor small), with a lot of starch, therefore suitable for creamy risotto (being careful to cooking), but even more is a rice soup, rice balls, rice cakes, in short, for all those recipes in which the rice must "bind" a lot.

If you use it in risotto, turn off the heat when tasting it think that still lacks 1 minute or two, and will remain there until al dente. To be followed very carefully, because if "drive past" cooking, you shall eat overcooked and sticky.

Of Sant'Andrea rice, you can also find the brown version, we propose with the certification DOP Rice Baraggia Biella and Vercelli.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Soups, pies, rice cakes, sweets, oranges, creamy risottos.

Why choosing Sant'Andrea rice?

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Sant'Andrea rice label

It contains gluten:NO
It is brown?2 Versions: 1 white e 1 brown
Recommended for:  Soups, pies, rice cakes, sweets, oranges, creamy risottos and wave.
Cooking time:                            14 min boiling, 21 min for risotto

History of Sant'Andrea rice

Where does the name "Andrew"?

As with Baldo rice also Sant'Andrea was born thanks to the genius of Dr. Tinarelli, head of genetic research and agronomic Ente Risi 1952 to 1979, which in those years just created and selected many of the varieties of rice that still they are widely cultivated in Italy.
The Sant'Andrea , born from the selection of an older rice named Rizzotto and introduced into rice production in 1974, is now one of the very rice grown in Italy and alas for a couple of years in Greece.

In all probability, the name originates from Sant'Andrea Gothic / Romanesque basilica located in the city of Vercelli.


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