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DESCRIPTION.  One slogan for excellent risotto . 

The Carnaroli , in fact, is considered the best rice (qualitatively speaking) in Italy, together with the Nano Vialone and Arborio . Not a risotto rice, but the " risotto rice ", suitable for all recipes which require that the rice remains at tooth. 

It also Carnaroli, for the characteristics of the territory in which we will cultivate it and the craftsmanship that tends to whiten less grain, has unique characteristics, which mean that the rice is more compact, less sticky and with exceptional resistance to pulping. If you eat it even after half an hour, it is still perfectly al dente, if you forget two minutes more on the fire, I do not eat overcooked.

No other rice has these features, so it is very valuable.

With this we pack rice also our line of exquisite ready risottos .

RECOMMENDED FOR : risotto al dente, rice salads.

Why choosing our rice?

How to keep the rice ?


Label of Carnaroli Rice Guerrini

Name of variety:Carnaroli      
Origin product:Italy-Piedmont-Biella
It contains gluten?NO
It's brown?NO
Recommended for recipe:  Risotti, salads
Cooking time:                            17 min in boiled, 22 min for risotto 

History of Carnaroli Rice 

Where does the name "Carnaroli"? 
In fact how often we tell the children who come to visit our company, parents choose the name of the children and in this case the father of Carnaroli of calls Hector De Vecchi, an agronomist funguses of Pavese. Dr. De Vecchi, as they say was the boss, but in the camps there was his factor, that Mr. Carnaroli , and searching for the best selection, a nice day, De Vecchi, disheartened by suboptimal results of cultivation, he told the factor: "If I can find the perfect variety, I'll give your name!" and so after a while he found the best selection that still stands today, after 70 years, although as you can read in the article that we'll post at the end of the 70s, risked extinction, and then resume a relentless ascent, to the present day.

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Why Carnaroli is the best?

Why is it so popular?  
There is no doubt that television, with advertisements of Dr. Scotti, in the last 15 years has contributed (and many more) to make this rice the most valuable. We say fine, not the most good. We have already had many occasions to say that the most delicious rice in the absolute does not exist, as for taste and what I like may not appeal to someone else. 
In any case remains undoubtedly a rice that has an excellent cooking resistance , releases the amount of starch needed to make creamy risotto but it does not make it sticky, short, has many advantages if you have to prepare a risotto al dente or that owes much to keep cooking.  
in fact, by now, most restaurants use Carnaroli rice to "play it safe." 
But at home, to make a good risotto, I'm forced to use only the Carnaroli rice? for a homemade risotto, as we say "done and eaten" in a matter of 15-20 minutes at the most, we also we recommend other rice. In fact, leaving aside the whole category of common rice (from very small grain), if you know the cooking times of each rice and you are ready to treat him from beginning to end, it is difficult to overcook the risotto. Take for example the rice Sant 'Andrea , who is not born as a proper risotto rice, but if well maintained and slightly back off the cooking, will create a creamy risotto and al dente.  Therefore, without minimizing the merits of Carnaroli rice, we can safely say that even cooking a good Arborio , or Rome, or Baldo , you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious rice. in addition, the Carnaroli rice costs even more.

Why Carnaroli rice is the most expensive? 
The price is higher by 30-40% than the average of sale: a part of this difference is undoubtedly by higher production costs, being this type of rice (variety we mean the authentic Carnaroli) a much more difficult variety to cultivate and less productive. In good seasons they gather from 47 to 52 quintals per hectare, compared to 60-70 quintals average of the other varieties. The same processing yields (ie as white rice is obtained from 100kg of raw rice) are lower.
This results therefore in a greater cost, and the reason for which in recent years many farmers have turned to other varieties of rice (however going to clash with the rice competition that arrives from 'foreign). 
The other part of the difference price is rather the fact that it is a highly demanded rice and therefore tend to the seller tends to get paid a little bit more on "value." 
Only 30 years ago, was a little Carnaroli rice grown in Italy (417 hectares in 1982 ) in 2007 had gone to 9,000 hectares and 6,700 hectares in 2014, and even in the last two years it's down again.

PDO certified rice.

If you are looking for a DOP certified rice, that is, Protected Designation of Origin, us there we have !!
Indeed, we are growers, processors and packers of "Rice Baraggia Biella and Vercelli" PDO, the first and so far the only Dop rice in Italy.

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