On all rice packages (also on our own), you will find indications such as "store in a cool, dry place" "away from sources of moisture and heat" "rice retains its properties at a maximum temperature of 25-26 degrees and 40 % of humidity ".

Let's start by saying that rice is a natural food that does not undergo substantial modifications.

But how can you perfectly preserve rice?

If your house and in particular the pantry where you keep it, it is not damp and is not exposed to heat sources (for example near a radiator, a window with persistent light) I would say that you can rest assured. You can leave it in the bag in which it is located or, at most, transfer it to a glass jar

If you are not calm or you think you have too much humidity in your home, then you can:
- in the summer, keep the rice in the FREEZER, which is a dry and fresh environment, better than in the fridge which is very wet instead.

The rice does not freeze and when you need it you can use and take the quantity you want and put the other in the freezer again. Only 1 tip: wrap the bag in a freezer bag to act as a barrier against the odors of other foods you have in the freezer, eg mushrooms, fish, otherwise the rice will absorb the aroma of mushrooms or fish ...
- buy vacuum packs and open them one at a time (vacuum packs do not cause storage problems.
Unfortunately, rice has no preservatives, so if it is in an incorrect environment for 15-20 consecutive days it is likely to give these problems.

If you have other curiosity about rice in general, go to the Faq section.